Guys. Why can't you take a hint? Denial?

Why can't guys take hints? -_-
Girls literally have to say 'I don't like you now, never have and never will' before a guy even considers that she doesn't want him and even then he won't fucking stop!

I went to the movies with a dude who was super creepy in the end and he has texted me about ten times over the past several months even though I won't reply. He also called at least twice.
Him: hey
what's up
answer me
hi how are you

What the actual fuck? Why can't guys take hints?
I straight up told another guy I didn't like him and he said he'd "wait for me to make up my mind" and then asked me out again a month later.
I don't get it! Its not even that they don't take hints; some guys blatantly ignore rejection.

Guys. here's the truth.
No means no
I have a bf means no
I'm not dating right now means no
I'm gay means no
ignoring all your texts and calls means no
go away you creep means no
dirty looks mean no
Guys. Why can't you take a hint? Denial?
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