He FINALLY asked me out, but now he's acting weird?

So the guy I've been waiting for for a year finally asked me out at the end of January. We've been crushing on each other for forever, but we're both super shy, so it took a lot of guts for him to ask me out. The thing is, is cause he's shy he won't mention it to me again or try to actually set up the date.

Also, we used to message on Facebook since we don't have lots of time to talk at school, but since mid December he hasn't voluntarily messaged me once. I always have to start it now, and I don't want to feel like I'm annoying him. And maybe I'm over-analyzing, but he doesn't like my Facebook pictures or videos anymore. I see him like his ex girlfriend's statuses and pictures, though. (They lasted like 3 days freshman year, and he claims he can't stand her now so that makes it even weirder).

Since he's shy it's kind of normal for him to act like he doesn't like me in person, and I get that because I do the same things, but the not talking to me and liking his ex's things is kind of confusing. The day he asked me out, he told my friend's boyfriend that, out of all the girls he knows, I'm the one that stands out the most, and he DOES like me. I just don't get the way he's acting. So, insight? Is this normal, am I being paranoid?
He FINALLY asked me out, but now he's acting weird?
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