My friend with benefits acts like my boyfriend?

I've known him for several months and we have never been just friends but over this time we have become pretty close. He texts me every day, asks me how my exams are going or just sends me random stuff and we start chatting. We go out to places together and its not just about sex. When we meet he is all over me! When we are in public he holds my hand, kisses me, wraps his arms around me, kisses my head and forehead. Sometimes we just stand hugging and caressing each other on the street. After sex he holds me in his arms all night so tight that its hard to breathe sometimes. The other day we met and spent the whole day together, went out with his coworkers to dinner and he kept his hand on my knee most of the time. He also leaned to kiss me all the time. He even told one of the guys that I'm his girlfriend. Then we watched a movie at his place and during it he cuddled me and kissed my hair and cheeck and we laid there with our hand interwined.
He just generally acts like he is in love with me. He is so gentle and so affectionate, even my ex weren't like that. My friend with benefits told me a few weeks ago that I wasn't just sex to him and that he felt "weird" when he saw me talk to another guy in a bar.

Do you think he has feelings for me? If so, what do I do about it?
My friend with benefits acts like my boyfriend?
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