Guys, why are you intimidated of a woman just because of her looks?

Many guys I've known seem to put attractive women on a pedestal but I have not known that to be the case for women towards good looking men. Men seem to think of she is decent looking, an not confident. Oh she is stuck up or very aloof an rude.

Some good looking women have a hard time finding love. Jerks are only out to use her and ditch her. An the nice men are too afraid to ask her out or talk to her even.

I don't think of myself as hot or attractive. Very unconfident. But many guys have said I am attractive an one time when I went to a bar an met a few of my girl mates guy friends they was all gazing then all clammed up around me.

One guy weeks after seeing me out messaged me an said he didn't talk to me cus he was nervous as he thought I was pretty. I didn't get it though like we all human so what does it matter. I am shy so it does me no favours as I obviously would come across badly to the likes of this guy an any other who fancies me.

This one guys hand shakes when he serves me an he is extra nice when I would prefer him to say a joke an relax not consider me in high regard when I don't think or act that way.

I have dated hot, average and really not so hot guys as personality usually does it with me an I just have to like something about someone like smile , eyes an I will be attracted to them enough to date them.

An I get advice from guys like you approach them but I am shy too so I am screwed. Rejection sucks we all been there but if nobody goes for it nothing happens for me 😭

Guy on here was even shocked he got a date which shows he's a nice guy but not confident in himself. We all deserve love I just wish guys would give themselves a break an I realise how much harder it is to be a guy in the dating game

This site is really interesting :

Guys, why are you intimidated of a woman just because of her looks?
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