What does it mean if a guy ask if you can cook?

you see I've been around this guy for a while

and he always keep mentioning about wanting to get married...

he would say it out loud casually for many to hear, but out of all people he randomly ask me if I can cook..

i can read this guy.. one minute he would ignore me, the next he would greet me by my nick name and yet we aren't even close

we never had any personal deep conversations.. we would only have moments alone and usually its just about school we talk about..besides calling me by my nickname , he considers me his "buddy"... does that mean he is making sure that I m just in the friend zone and nothing more?...confuse


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  • Turn it on its head and challenge him to a BBQ cook off. All men think they can cook on a BBQ and they can't without incinerating eveything.

    It generally means he's a lazy bastard if he says that.

  • I don't know... I would feel a little weirded out if a guy asked me if I could cook out of the blue. It sounds like he has a list of skills he wants a wife to have! This is a bit of a red flag. I would tell him you can't cook very well. If he is no longer interested in you then feel thankful you escaped! Find a guy who doesn't judge you based on one skill.

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