What does it mean when a guy cooks for you on a date?

I am a little rusty at this and was hoping for someone outside perspective as it relates to my question.

I have had a very close friend for 11 years... and we initially dated before he moved away and we lost touch. Over the course of the last three years we rekindled a friendship but lived on the other sides of the country from one another.

About 6 months ago I revealed to my friend that I had feelings for him beyond the platonic and that I wanted to pursue more. He responded saying that he "liked me" as well but the circumstances were as such that he could not reciprocate (I was recently separated; he had a girlfriend and distance). So, broken-hearted I discontinued our friendship until he announced that he had broken up with the g/f; was moving close to where I lived and that this was something only I and his family knew.

True-to-his word he moved here about 3 weeks ago, sent me a postcard on his cross-country trek to his new city (which was quite cute btw) and has re-arranged his work schedule to book an entire day out with me.

After we attend a ball game (he is a fan as am I ) he has invited me back to his house as he wants to cook me dinner. I offered to help but he said that he wants me to sit back, relax and be "beautiful" while he cooks for me. He also mentioned that he wants to talk in an intimate atmosphere.

Here's the thing. He is a commitment phobe and doesn't do intimacy well. So I think this means something - that is my intuition. What do you think? He is very well-off financially (and I stress very) so I know this is a gesture. But to what extent I have no idea! Given that he knows where I stand emotionally with him he wouldn't be doing this unless he felt something right?

Does this mean he likes me? That he wants to take this some where? Does cooking for someone really mean a real romantic intention? What do you think?
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His intentions were romantic. We had a great dinner... filled with wine, food and laughter.

... breakfast was great too :)
What does it mean when a guy cooks for you on a date?
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