What does it mean if a guy invites you to study and then invites you to sleep over in his bed?

This guy and I have a bit of a past. 3 years ago, we were quite close & I’d always hang out with him - we’d play video games, go to the movies, cook together, etc. I was interested in him but couldn’t commit because I had just gotten out of a bad relationship. we were only barely physical (no sex or kissing) & after a bit he tried to move things forward a bit too fast so I got triggered & stopped talking to him. He tried apologizing, but my mental health was at an all time low. A bit later, he starts dating a mutual friend. he is still dating her

I reflected a lot during the pandemic & wanted to resolve some of my past regrets so I could move on. I apologized to him for not talking it out & accepted his apology. I offered to be friends again & he accepted; he was a really cool dude I just wasn’t in a good place when he made his first move.

The 1st night I started texting him, we spoke for 6 hours straight until we both fell asleep, even tho both of us worked all day and drove 3 hrs to get home. The 2nd day, we texted for a few hrs & then decided to call & play video games together. The 4th day, he asked if I wanted to study with him at his house. I agreed & he told me i smelled nice when i got there. We just chatted the whole time. He would complain about his girlfriend & how she just sleeps whenever he visits her (they’re long distance), how she’d refuse to go on dates with him, & he even received some calls from her while i was there but all i heard was her yelling at him. then he’d try to reassure me that he was happy with her.

The next day, he asked if I wanted to study again. This time we actually studied. suddenly it’s 2am. he offers to let me sleepover in his bed. I hesitate, but I accepted. He didn’t do anything; we just talked until we fell asleep. In the morning he asked if I wanted to get brunch. It feels like we continued right where we left off. What does this mean? Is he still interested in me? He seems unhappy in his relationship. what should i do?
What does it mean if a guy invites you to study and then invites you to sleep over in his bed?
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