Guys, what guys mean when they say "I don't deserve you"/ "You re too good for me"?

Ok, 12 many times i was told "You re amazing and i dont deserve you" It left some really deep scars since those words were said after they new i had fallen for them. Took me long time to get over each occaision.

After a long break in the dating and relationship department, I have just met this amazing guy. He seems to gone all shy after i pulled him back into line. He came accross as a bit loose and cocky on our first date. After i honestly told him bout my impression the next day i txted him, and he explained his behaviour by nervousness. O did tell him i was soo very nervous too. I know he is attracted to me as he keeps saying it every time he sees me. He is treating me with the most gentle care, and say things that any girl would appreciate a lot. He told me last time we went out he didn't want to pressure me into physical things until I am ready and that he is happy to take it all slow.

The truth is im freaking scaried the same "You re too good for me" or "I dont deserve you" would happen again.

Last night he kept apologising for really absolutely nothing - not having classy enough car to drive me. Im like super attracted to the guy, and dont really care about any of the material staff. He did say he really liked me and was really attracted to me and that he didn't want to stuff things up with me. The freaking thruth is that now i feel i might be the one who is stuffing things up... Told him that i was very greatful for all the effort he makes which was sincerely said - his reaction was - stop saying thank you!

Will it help if i start maybe praising him more for his qualities?

How do you guys like to be treated by your date when you confidence seems to be fading away?

Ur honest opinion much appreciated thank you.
Guys, what guys mean when they say "I don't deserve you"/ "You re too good for me"?
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