What does a guy really mean when they say' You deserve better than me' ?

Whenever I'm in connection with a guy, why is it that when a relationship between me & a guy; do I hear a guy tell me that I deserve better than them?

Some in the past have been bad-boys, who's cheated, thieves, in & out of prison, when they've wanted to end the relationship with me they come out with the cheap excuse saying that I deserve better. & how I'm too good for them.

Is it just cheap words? Is it another way of quickly getting rid of myself to move on from them if they don't wanna be with me anymore?

Like some people on here may have seen my last post. I had dated a guy who was a bit of a player, mugged me off, lied to me.
Today I had the courage to confront him. And tell him I had caught him out lying to me & explained to him that I knew he was playing me & wouldn't stand for it. But praised him for being clever for fooling me like I had never been fooled before. He did well at that.

Anyway, he also used those famous words that guys seem to say; You deserve better than me!

& he apologised.
I asked him if he was only sorry because he got caught out; his reply was; Mmmm ya properly.

Now, can I ask... for a guy to say those words I keep on hearing ' you deserve better than me'
Is it just the guy trying to be nice, as he knows he's a player & didn't want me finding out his true colours and now that I had - he's to move on?

Does a guy like to be a player in secret without us females knowing?

Or do guys say that because they honestly don't feel worthy of that female who they says those words to of; you deserve better than me?

Do guys really mean those words or is there some other reason for why they say it that I haven't realised yet?

Many thanks

What does a guy really mean when they say' You deserve better than me' ?
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