Does my online guy friend like me?

I met him about 4 mos ago in a chat room. He always tell me that it was the most random thing that he ever met me online. SO, we've been talking to each other for the past 4 mos thought not every night 'coz of his busy schedule. We always talk like 5-8 hrs if ever we chat on google, we never ran out of things to chat about, we joke around and we're always laughing about each other. He chats with me even if like 1 until 6 am in the morning in his time. We're thousands of miles from each other because he's in Washington and I'm in Southeast Asia. His ex was a Filipina, which I also am. He knows I have a daughter and yesterday he opened up to me by saying he finds it weird that I don't bring up my daughter during our convos. I'm really confuse and I wanna know if he's interested in me and if he somehow likes me. Yesterday's conversation was a bit confusing because we got into a serious mood but we didn't get to ask the question if we like each other or not. But he asked me why I keep talking to him and I asked him the same question. He told me he never thought he'd give a sh** about anyone he met online. Then out of the blue, I told him I now know that he loves my name then he replied by saying that I'm a billion miles away. I mean where did that come from? I was so confused. So, please help me out. I really wanna know if he's into me or he's just really nice.


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  • Yes, he does

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