What does it mean when a man tells you, "you are a special woman"?

He tells me I am a special woman. He says he respects me and my feelings. He said he wants to take his time because I am special. So what does this mean? I do know he was in a relationship 3 months ago and he got hurt. The same for me. Said he wanted to take things slow.


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  • He means to say that he respects you for who you are. He's opening up to you in a sense. You are an important part of his life and he wanted you to know that. If you are special to him then he realizes what a catch you are and that he's interested in you. He doesn't want you to get away because you mean something to him.

    He may very well want to take things slow as he was just hurt by a former relationship. This is totally natural, so just go with it. If you can both agree to take things slow then that's great. You're both on the same page and it'll be easier to anticipate where the other wants to go.

    If he respects you and your feelings then he may very well have feelings for you. Assuming you like him, he probably likes you as well. There is the chance that while he respects you and your feelings he cannot share in them, so he would like to place impromptu boundaries on the relationship you two share. Be this the case, some reference to being "just friends" will be made. If not, he likes you for you, so be happy about it and see where things go from there.


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  • Sounds like it's just a simple compliment. I'd be more interested in his actions, than his choice of words if I were you.


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  • Hey there.

    If' I've learned anything in all my years on the planet about men, FROM men, it's that they say what they mean and there are no having to "decipher" it assuming it means something else.

    WE women say things and they are metaphors, analogies, innuendo, etc...with multiple meanings, like a quiz...and we want to see HOW the guy will answer, which allows us to make assumptions on what he REALLY said...right? (are you smiling/laughing...you KNOW it's true! haha)

    What he meant to say is just what he said. He wants to take it slow because of his recent history.

    What that means to ME, is that you don't want to go all dating ninja on him and require a lot of calls, and emotional attachment right away. DON'T ask where your relationship is going, DON'T suggest meeting each others best friends, or family. DON'T initiate going away on a weekend together...DON'T buy him anything...all of these things might drive him away if he wants to take it S- L- O- W...

    I'm usually the one screwing stuff like this up...assuming if one call is good, 3 is better. But it's easy to see on the outside when someone else is exposed.

    One of my friends suggested to me (and I'm paying it forward) that you should "respond in kind"...which means that if he texts you and says "hey, hows it going?"...you text back "hey (or hi)...its going great!" That's it. Don't call, don't go into 21 questions...just keep it on the level he initiated.

    If he calls and jokes around, joke back. But if he doesn't ask you out on the phone and just wants to chat, don't ask him out, but rather try to be the first one to "need to go", but nicely...and make him work for it.

    He will subconsciously see that you respect his space, and having assumed that you are (yet another) clingy woman like the last one who hurt him, he will have his guard up, but will start to let it down when he realizes that you're not a crazy girl like "the last one".

    I KNOW waiting for the call, the date, the hint that he even likes you is the longest wait EVER, but it is what a relationship with this guy will be about.

    I would also advise that you not lock in on him, and keep your dating options open...never know who might appear while you're waiting for this guy.

    good luck to you.

  • You have to make everything into context. Just the words you're a special woman doesn't mean very much. 1. It could mean you're special to him. 2. It means you're special, but not right for him.

    So I'd tread carefully and judge him by his actions rather than words. Does he ask you out on dates, is he spending time with you? Is he calling/ texting/ emailing you a lot? Is he also talking with other women...You get the drift.

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