Do men really mean it if they say, "I do miss you"

Despite the fact that we don't see each other any more he let me know this. We were just friends. He moved away. There was nothing between us.

What level of meaning should I take from this if anything? Why would he even bother to mention it? I'm pulling up the contact plug from my end as distance has broken our ability to connect and be friends.


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  • he's carrying a torch for you my dear...from personal experience just hanging out with the opposite sex for any amount of time and you are not dating but are just "friends" means the other party has strong feelings for you and wants to be more than just friends...the only time this isn't so is when the other party is gay.

    Do with this info what you will..but my guess is he genuinely misses you.

    • I'm working on the premise here that if the words meant anything to him, that he would have called more than once in a month or arranged a visit. He's only an hour or so away. That speaks louder to me than his words...Perhaps though it may be harder for him to pull away if he does call etc. What is your opinion on that?

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    • Thanks for your perceptive answers. I'm ok with that (cutting ties) just still a bit curious why he would e-mail me the other day about missing me if he's trying to cut it off?

    • My guess is to at least let you know you meant something to him...I'd think of it more as a way of saying good bye..

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