Why did he kick me out of all sudden?

I was shocked when I got kicked out in the morning after I slept with a guy I have been seeing and built some sort of relationship with. He did it in a nice way but that night of all sudden he was rude towards me for the first time ever. I came over only to sleep with him but I still thought it was weird after all time spent with him, I felt like a piece of meat unlike before. I thought it was over between us but then I get a text where he tells me he wants to keep stay in touch, I told him I would get back to him and ended up in his bed later on but now he definitely wasn't rude towards me it was like it used to be. He did not kick me out in the morning, he cuddled me, we talked until I decided to leave. I still talk to him but what he did definitely ruined my opinion of him and I don't talk to him that much anymore and he keeps asking why he never hear from me. I do not get it.
Why did he kick me out of all sudden?
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