He kicked me out of his house when I was drunk crying?

So long story short i’ve been seeing this toxic guy for a year now (we’re not in a relationship
But i have feelings for him) He makes me really sad..
Because he always gives me the silent treatment & he hurts me during sex & he also took my V when we first met.
That day was really SCARY for me. I felt ashamed and felt like i’m the only one going through this.
I had to rush to the ER because i was bleeding so much and
No doctor told me the reason why i was bleeding so much that day
And a year later i still get crazy & depressed because i still have no answers when i told my best friend about this she was reacting normal to it and not like Omg.. Really? And now i feel like i’m overreacting.
But anyways he always gets mad at me when i don’t come to his house for example then blocks me & texts me again after like a month saying that he misses me etc. & i just can’t let him go Last time when i was with him i got drunk we had sex (like always when i see him) & i told him that i loved him & he said the same back.. Then after the sex i was drunk crying because i felt depressed then he got mad at me for crying and literally kicked me out of the house while i was still drunk... then 3 days later he told me oh im sorry my sister is also depressed and i couldn’t handle it blabla. He also wasn’t there for me when i rushed to the ER He didn’t even wanna listen to me on what happened exactly.. Imagine going to the ER after sex because you’re bleeding for 5+ hours. I feel so empty and not important because of how he makes me feel. I don’t know maybe i’m overreacting Maybe he’s emotionally abusive I cry about it everyday Especially when he gives me the silent treatment i get Crazy!!!
He kicked me out of his house when I was drunk crying?
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