My boyfriend wants to borrow my clothes?


My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a month. Just the other day, he did something I found kind of strange. He asked if he could borrow my winter coat I was wearing because "his neighbor needed to do yard work outside and she couldn't afford a coat." I was a bit suspicious. I asked him many questions such as "Why can't she use your coat?" and "Why would I give my only winter coat to a random person?" He replied to those with "my mom is weird. She wants to use your coat because you're her size." I continually said no to him, because, mind you, it is really cold here! All day, that was all he talked about. All. Day. Can I borrow your coat? Can I have it? I'll give it back tomorrow. It won't get dirty... etc. etc.

Then later that night, after not giving him my coat, he texted me and told me that he made up that whole scenario and the only reason he wanted the coat was because we hardly see each other (even though we see each other daily) and he wants to feel close to me. I thought this was really sweet at first but I'm really not sure what to think now. Why would he want my COAT? Is this weird, or am I just being over dramatic?
My boyfriend wants to borrow my clothes?
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