Why are only dysfunctional guys attracted to me?

The guys that show any interest in me are either emotional wrecks, clingy, old and creepy, or will screw any girl. I don't mind hookups, but I want it to be with a guy that I'm actually interested in. A guy who is my type. I do not think I'm ugly. People have said that I am beautiful, but maybe people just say that in a condescending way. Am I really just an ugly girl who should just take whatever she can get? I am not waiting for the perfect guy, but I do have standards. It's not even like I have unrealistic standards either. All I ask for is a somewhat attractive guy who I'm actually interested that is stable and mature.

I was also told that I come off too strongly. I don't understand. I'm not slutty at all. I dress modestly and do not approach guys for sex in any manner. Whenever I try to be subtle, I don't hit their radar, it's as if I might as well do nothing. It's either I come off too strong or I don't come off as anything at all. How do I meet the balance?

Should I just settle for someone as I'm probably not good looking and have crap social skills?

P.S. I'm not going to post a picture here. Please don't waste your time asking.

Here are some examples of what I'm talking about:


This guy will screw anyone. His eyes wander off at every girl within his sight and basically flirts with them all. He's probably trying to break a goddamn record with how many girls he can get at the same time.


This guy has probably done every drug in the book and he's an emotional wreck. I gave him a chance, but it turns out he only wanted to screw me and did not care about me as a person. Did I mention that he's really dirty? Sometimes I felt grossed out around him.


This guy is extremely clingy. After he broke up with his Girlfriend he was crying to me about her. I only knew the guy for a few weeks and he called ME of all people? He very persistent with the other girl to the point that it freaked her out and then when he realized he couldn't get her, he tried to get me as a rebound. Did I mention that he's as emotional as a teenage girl?


Just like #1 except more lecherous. Now he's with some fat girl, so whatever.


A girl. She's really fugly and the biggest slut I know. I had to snap at her before she left me alone. Thank goodness she's now taken.


This creep insisted that I get in his van. I'm not about to get raped or killed.


Extremely rude. Asked me all these personal questions about my sex life, told me to wear clothes that would give him a boner, and called me woman in this crude sexist tone.


This jerk had the nerve to hit on me when he was high and was probably old enough to be my father. He asked me to do these stretches for obvious reasons. I told him no.

Why are only dysfunctional guys attracted to me?
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