When a guy confides in a girl?

I have been friends with this guy for several years and he is going through a very hard time dealing with some incidents involving him. He has always been one to hide his feelings and never showed emotion around me. Always avoided anything with that. Well the other day he called me and he started venting about a lot of things bothering him and he would get to almost crying and he would say "I'll call you back". A minute later he called back and continued venting. Then he would start to cry and would tell me "I'll call you back". A minute later called me back. We then continued on the phone for close to an hour. When we were getting off the phone he told me he would talk to me after he eats and then said thank you and we said bye.
What does it mean when a guy confides or vents to a girl with emotional moments and sharing how he's feeling?
When a guy confides in a girl?
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