My boyfriend doesn't put much thought into my birthdays. Help?

So I've been thinking about this for a while now and i know I'm gonna sound selfish and entitled but I've seen that lots of other girls kinda have the same issue.

I've been dating my boyfriend for exactly a year now and i know its not that long for it to be an important issue but hear me out. My bday is in January and we met in December so exactly after we met my birthday is up. I'm not the type of person who likes to celebrate my birthdays but at least a single "happy birthday" is enough for me. Last year i had told him a few times when my birthday is coming up. He forgot and its understandable and just said happy birthday and went about his day. This year i had told him a few other times when my birthday was and even if i don't seem like its an important date for me i would really appreciate if he even remembered it and did something special (even the smallest thing) and everytime i mentioned it he would act distant and try to change the subject.

Every year i remember his birthday and i try to make him feel special even if he doesn't like his birthdays and no im not doing it to expect something in return. I do it cause i love him and I'm so grateful for everything he's done for me and he's one of the sweetest guys when you get to know him. He really loves me, i believe that and even if sometimes he can act like an insensitive ass he means so much to me. But i dont get why he acts like this when i mention my birthday at all cause with other dates like new years, valentines, and Christmas he always does something special or gives me something.

Like i said i dont except an expensive present or a birthday card or a freaking big party. All i want is for him to at least acknowledge the day i was born and it hurts that he just changes the subject and completely ignores the thought of it.

What do you guys think? Your opinion means a lot :3
My boyfriend doesn't put much thought into my birthdays. Help?
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