I wish I never met you. Why did he say this?

For the last year I was sort of dating a guy I met online. i recently found out I am pregnant and told him.
His reaction was pretty negative. He denied that it was his and that I was probably lying to him anyway. So we didn't speak for 6 weeks and then he suddenly pops back up after unblocking me on a social networking site to ask if I'm definitely pregnant. we chat a bit then i ask him what he would prefer to happen and if he will support me through deciding what to do as I don't have any support around me. He says he doesn't want to talk about it now as he wasn't well so I think enough is enough and block his contact. He messages from a different account last night and I asked if he would want to come to the scan. he said he can't as he has an operation that day. Cut it short we spoke for a while but he was more interested in asking me about any other people I'm seeing or slept with since him. I say its no longer anything to do with him. His reply is he can't talk about if he can support me and the baby if I am to keep it until I answer his questions. His reason is he doesn't want another man with his kid. So I don't reply back till the morning to send him the picture he asked for to prove I'm pregnant. He sends a thumbs up as a reply and soon as I said is that all you want to say he replies with... you can't decide when you feel like being ok with me. i remind him I was not willing to talk about it and other than that I was civil with him. He then says something that I really wasn't expecting...
Fuck your personal life. Just get rid and don't contact me again. Honestly wish I'd never met you. he blocked me straight after.
Now I'm here not knowing what to make of this and I don't know if this is just the usual I'll block you for a bit then I'll get in touch when you've sweated for a while kinda thing or if he is being serious. Bearing in mind when we fall out he'll go off for a week or so and say it's because of me to why he did it.
What should I do?
I wish I never met you. Why did he say this?
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