Hand on threat when kissing ON SECOND DATE? too much too soon?

So I recently matched with this guy two weeks ago and since then we've been on two dates.

The first was amazing, with lots of compliments from his side and teasing and smooth conversation. We kissed at the end of the date, I wasn't expecting the kiss as I went in for a hug but when I pulled back he asked me if he could kiss me, and because I felt great chemistry, I did.

Flash forward to about 5 days later to our second date, we went to a carnival together which was a bit difficult to talk to each other because of the loud music.
I didn't feel as much chemistry this time and I honestly found myself a bit bored. He hardly asked me any questions about myself, and even I ran out of things to ask him. HOWEVER, he was extremely touchy- feels so his hands where all over me. He put his arm around me multiple times, around my waist and would hold my hand occasionally.

He also kissed me on the head and cheek ever so often until at one point I had this strong urge to kiss him so I did, we made out for a good 20 seconds in public. Not just once but twice. We sat on the beach after that and talked a bit then kissed a few times after that. I was getting really turned on and I could tell he was too because he audibly moaned at some point.

The red flag was whenever we kissed, he put his whole hand on my throat, not caressing my hair or face but sort of slowly held it and kept his hand there firmly. I was surprised but tolerated it, it was really hot but I don't know if it's considered too much too soon?

He walked me home and the whole time kept his hands around me. I like him but I don't know if I'm just sexually attracted to him, mostly because of the way our second date turned out which wasn't as spectacular as the first one. (Meaning much less chemistry except for a lot of touching)

Should I be wary about this guy? Like does it seem he's just interested in a more casual thing?
Hand on threat when kissing ON SECOND DATE? too much too soon?
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