Sometimes she seems nervous/shy, sometimes not. WHY?

So there is this girl and sometimes she's really weird around me, like nervous, fidgety, and shy. But other times she's more playful, bold, and flirty. Both "moods" seem to indicate that she may like me, but why does she have both? I thought it was one or the other. Is this common, and can this mean that she likes me? I mean, are girls sometimes nervous around the guys they like and other times not?


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  • I do that .. more than I like to.

    But there are two guys that I mainly do that to.

    1. The friend: He's so sweet and nice and we have really great conversations. But there is zero attraction to him so he is strictly just a friend. But sometime he can get VERY annoying because he is always with me and he wants to take the same classes and hang out, etc. That's when I turn cold and I don't talk to him or avoid him - this could be interpreted as nervous/shy? But when I'm not so sick of him, I'm usually very nice to him and even sometimes flirty.

    2. The friend... that I like: I flirt with him. Then I realize we're just friends so I stop talking and just.. become frustrated.

    So, hopefully, in your case, the girl thinks of you like I think of my number2. Maybe she'll give more hints. When she's shy and nervous, etc, try putting your arm around her. If she leans in towards you or even rests her hand on your tummy, or place her head on your shoulder, she's probably into you. But if she stays absolutely still and you feel like you just put your arm around a robot, then chances are... she probably doesn't feel comfortable with anything more than being friends.

    I don't know if I even answered your question! haha

    But best of luck,

    • Thanks, that is helpful. She seems to like me, one time after a work related party, she hugged me really tight and for a while. And I've noticed her intentionally try to get close to me, i.e. brush up against my arm. And if I don't pay her any attention, she finds way to get it (most of the time).

  • I'm a really shy girl most of the time, especially if I like someone. But at times I can be more courageous. I think it's a matter of how confident I am feeling, or how easy the conversation is. For instance, when she feels shy around you, it could be that you are intimidating her in some way. Maybe you are being too loud, or are making conversation that is hard for her. When she is more outgoing with you, maybe you are being more kind and welcoming towards her.

    So I think she is sensing different vibes from you, and reacting accordingly. As a shy girl, that is how it is for me when I like a guy.

    But if you really like her and would like to give her a chance, then it is important to be gentle and patient with shy girls :)

    She will then warm up to you, and act more natural


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