What are signs a guy just sees you as a friend?

(please choose a letter for each point and list them in order)
Friendly- (F)
More than friends- (M)
Both- (B)
Not interested- (N)

1. He compliments me
2. I hang out with him and his friends occasionally (because he asked me to)
3. His friend told me that he talked about me a while ago, and said good things.
4. He teases me a little/copies things I say
5. Steals my stuff and gives it back occasionally
6. Doesn't make eye contact in the hallway
7. Sometimes he is too busy to hang out, but he doesn't suggest another time to hang out
8. His pupils don't dilate when I talk to him
9. He sits with his legs spread really far
10. He preens a lot (fixing hair, shoes, shirt, touching neck, face, etc)
11. He only smiles sometimes when we talk
12. He is really bad at texting me
13. Says sorry for lots of things he does "wrong" (ex. bumping into me, knocking over my bottle, etc)
14. He tease his friends/ makes fun of them, and sometimes looks for my reaction
FINALLY: What do you think he sees me as?

What are signs a guy just sees you as a friend?
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