Do women really want equality?

I live in a first world country, and i have dated before, fortunately in my case i chose girls that never gave an issue but a lot do...

1- as a guy you're expected to pay on datesf you dont you're less of a man to... well everyone, plus women refuse to admit it, buying them stuff gets you sex...
2- you have to be the strong one and protect her, and in this day and age shit gets really violent and dangerous real fast.
3- men have to do the approaching and the entire instigating thing
4- 90% of women i met old and young alike want the man to be the breadwinner and have more money, maybe not what the media says but thats what you hear walking the streets.
5- so many women are asking for gentlemen... gentlemen are basically men who treat women with special care...

on the other hand,
1- women refuse to cook, or clean if the guy doesn't do it
2- most refuse ot give birth to more than one kid, two if the guy is lucky
3- colleges are filled with women studying for useless degrees, far more than guys
4- you can't hit women but women can hit you
5- women demand to not be judged based on sex, fiancial worth or their past and to be judged exactly like guys... except guys are judged for the amount of money they make, their status and where they are in life.
6- women want to be as slutty and "liberated" as possible without being judged, but still dont have much to offer in comparison to what they are asking from a man.

some things i dont care, others i will gladly do if she's already my girlfriend, but most things dont make things, it feels to me that women are cherry picking the good things about being a man and demanding to have it without actually offering something that has the same worth... I don't know i am just gonna serach the few, rare women who are cool to be around and get with, i guess it works better for my personality anyways...
Do women really want equality?
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