friends with benefits told me he loves me during drunk sex- helpp?

a little backstory: we've been exclusive- friends with benefits for 1.5 year and although he probably knows I used to have feelings for him, he knows I don't anymore and we explicitly agreed no strings attached. Even though our arrangement has had its ups and downs, both of us didn't have any other sexual partners during this whole time, despite the numerous opportunities from both parties. He has admitted to me in the past that he'd open to a relationship and if he started dating I'd be the first girl on his mind (he was slightly drunk).
We met yesterday and he was very very drunk and kept acting very boyfriend-y. He was reassuring me that we are in a relationship, he asked me to spend the next day with him (not just the night), he was staring into my eyes and was calling me beautiful (for the first time actually). When we went back to his, I felt it was the first we made love, and not just had sex. And then he suddenly told me 'I love you' and kissed me and kept staring at me and smiling. I told him that he didn't mean it and that he was drunk but he kept saying.
He says he doesn't remember saying it, and I'm not expecting him to confess his love to me when sober, I'm just wondering if he meant his words, even at the slightest.
friends with benefits told me he loves me during drunk sex- helpp?
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