Talked to a girl and then she moved her tongue out of her mouth to the side. What the heck?

^Is this a sign that she finds me "yuck" or something?

I was at work and just said "hello" to this random girl to talk to in our break room as she was new at our work center. She then turns to me and then just throws her tongue out of her mouth and to the side while looking at me as I am leaving to go back to work. Good, bad, or whatever sign?


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  • It would be sexual if she stuck her tongue out to the side and ran it across her top lips. Usually if the tip of someone's tongue curves up, it's sexual, especially if they're staring at you and not really eating anything lol. But yeah, if she's talking to someone and she scrunches her nose and then sticks her tongue out, it usually means least that's what my friends do lol. But if someone just sticks their tongue out, there's usually body language too.

  • Ummm. It could be a flirtacious thing. Like sticking her tongue out playfully. Or if she was working a "boy am I pooped" gesture. I don't know though. There are a lot of other parts of body language that changes the meaning. Like her eyes and her stance. I've never seen anyone do that in response to hello before.

    • Ya. I don't really know. I think it was a little playful. She wasn't eating anything at all. She just did this at random as I got up to leave. I don't see how she could find me "eww" or "disgusting."

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