How to help Asian guy in dating?

(This Mainly Applies to Asian-American Males in North America)

Being an Asian American Male, we face a lot of negative stereotypes from the media.

A lot of Asian Guys often see Asian Girls with Guys of Another Race. But you almost never see Asian Guys with Girls of Another Race. Why is that?

First Outside Factors Not Involving an Asian Man Himself:

1. Asian American Males are portrayed by the media as wimpy, intelligent, nerdy, feminine, and asexual. In Fact, most Asian Men portrayed in Hollywood Media are intentionally portrayed unattractively.

2. You see many commercials, movies, and television shows that portray romance with Asian Women and Men of Another Race. But Rarely you see Asian Men being portrayed in a romantic/sexual matter anywhere in the media.

3. With the negative influence from the media, girls can never picture or imagine themselves being with an Asian Man. But they can with men of another race, because they've seen stories of being happily ever after with men of other colors. But Never with an East Asian Man. Because they never see it anywhere. Which makes it that much harder for them to open up to the possibility of it.

4. Because of the negative stereotypes Asian Men suffer, girls often gossip and make fun of Asian Guys. Many Girls say "Asian Guys are ugly (lol laughs)". "Asian Guys have small You knows." "Asian Guys are nice, and good Friend Types. But Never could be with them romantically". "Asian Guys Just Don't Do It For me For Some Reason". "I could never picture myself with an Asian Guy." "I can never be attracted to an Asian Guy". "Eww Asian Guys LOL" Etc... (I have either actually overheard or seen on the internet these types of messages from all types of girls).

5. Because of the Gossip and constant bad rep of Asian Guys going around the social scene of many girls around America. Girls who actually do feel attracted to Asian Guys, are too afraid to actually go for it, in fear of judgment and gossip from other Girls if they are seen with an Asian Guy Romantically.

6. Girls perceive Asian Guys to have low social value. If they date them all girls in their social circle will gossip and make fun of the couple. Or Make Fun of Her for Liking An Asian Guy. Therefore its better for girls to not take a chance, and keep her social rep and status safe.

Factors from Asian Guys Themselves:

1. Asians are raised to be polite, quiet, and not showy. This has excellent qualities to be accepted in society, but they are also perceived to be very feminine qualities. Asians should still be respectful and polite, but they need a backbone and respect their own needs instead of just for others.

2. Asians have low self-esteem from the media. When you are seeing girls of your own race being sweeped off their feet by other guys, you feel there must be something wrong about us. You see the media constantly portraying Asian women being taken away by the dark tall handsome Caucasian male everywhere. Like Asian Guys are never meant to ha
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Now the Main Focus of the Topic: What should Asian Guys do to improve their success in Dating and their masculine image overall? (With all the negative portrayal and stereotypes of the media).
How to help Asian guy in dating?
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