How to get an Asian guy to ask me out?

I'm currently attending a new school after transferring (LSU) and I'm really attracted to Asian men but I'm having trouble getting a date with one. I'm always looking up between classes hoping to catch their eye if he looks at me but so far none of them have. It's like they just look striaght past me and don't notice me or they're too focused on other things to notice. Other times when I see Asian guys they are normally in groups with other Asian guys. I often hear Asian guys asking if white girls like them (I'm like as pale as it gets and I have never once tanned with golden brown hair) so I'm starting to think its something more than looks because I also wondered if Asian guys liked white girls but apparently they do. (Which brings me to wonder how many of them would go so far as to marry a white girl because I'm ready to settle down once I find someone I'm compatible with-asking because of statistics) I'm too scared to make the first move and people often tell me that Asian guys are really shy so I might have to make the first move if I ever hope to date any of them... I was raised by overprotective parents so I have a HUGE difficulty even calling the grocery store... I don't think I could approach them if I tried not to mention they're almost always in groups in which case I really wouldn't want to approach them. (also I'm never in groups with anyone except one woman at the end of the day) I carpool to school so as soon as my classes are over we leave. I feel stupid hoping to start up a conversation between classes when there's only 10 minutes before the next class starts but I don't have any other time unless I find some excuse to be alone for a while (or skip a class but I would rather not). I really want to get at least one date! Even talking to one of them would make me feel a lot better but I don't know what to do. Advice approaching an Asian guy or helping him approach me would be appreciated!!
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Well it's not entirely about him being Asian I just threw that in there just to be more detailed wasn't sure if it would help... But really it wouldn't matter who he was he could be a woman and I would have trouble just saying "hello"!! I guess it's more of how to talk to people in general without having a heart attack lol I haven't SPOKEN to any of them yet and I wouldn't know how to go about doing that just the thought of walking up and saying "hi" to anyone makes me lock up...
How to get an Asian guy to ask me out?
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