I’m a girl and my crush is ignoring my follow request on Instagram and I don’t know why?

There’s a boy I’ve seen at school every day so far, he’s cute. (high school) I found his insta but never wanted to follow because I assumed he wouldn’t follow back even though we have over 60 mutuals. I requested two days ago because I thought why not? At school I never make eye contact w him bc I try to play it cool which is dumb. But even though I don’t look, I can still tell he looks at me, and he looks kind so those are the reasons that made me want to request. 4 HOURS after I requested I did it again because I thought that maybe it didn’t catch his attention the 1st time? Or maybe he was busy or it didn’t notify him? That night I went to sleep early and woke up early, when I woke up I looked at my Instagram story viewers which I RARELY do, I noticed he watched it so I thought “oh he followed me back?” No, he has not accepted OR declined my request lol. It’s still pending in his follow requests but he viewed my story? Yes, I have a pfp of me, my name is there, school in bio, a few posts with all at least 100 likes and lots followers and it’s obviously me. And he has no posts. I wonder why he didn’t at least accept it? If he didn’t want me following him he could just decline it lol, or if he wasn’t interested he could just accept and not follow back. I believe he’s seen my request. I’m curious to know what his reasons are for ignoring my request but still viewed my story. I know that I should just forget about it and if he has his reasons then he has his reasons. But I’m just really confused about it. No, I don’t obsess over this and I’m not hurt I just really wanna see if anyone could guess why this happened? I know nobody will ever know what he’s really thinking.. but anyone’s answer would help. Also, THE DAY BEFORE I made the requests I noticed his follower count and the amount of people he follows went up from the time I looked before. So that tells me he’s recently accepted people. Thank you for reading all of this by the way. :)
I’m a girl and my crush is ignoring my follow request on Instagram and I don’t know why?
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