Why is he jealous he's married? Am I delusional or does he like me?

I'd would like to start off by saying NO I would never entertain a relationship with a married man. One because I'm selfish and don't like sharing and two I've had close friends go through affairs and I will refuse to be the root of that pain.

Long story short I just moved departments and this guy (lets call him Todd) on my team has been acting increasingly odd. Todd is a super fun and sweet guy and everyone loves him, he's helped me a lot in getting adjusted and I appreciate that. He kinda goofy and out there, I see him as a brother more than anything else but lately I've been trying to analyze his motives for doing certain things.

He acts weird when I interact with/mention other guys

-I remember saying going to visit my old supervisor (in the office during office hours) and he spazzed out on me and said you know (insertnamehere) has a girlfriend its (insertnamehere).
This it honestly came out of nowhere and made me really mad (not outwardly I kept my composure) because I don't want rumors going around that I like so and so it can ruin work relationships.

-When I was talking to this guy and his girlfriend joined the convo (I didn't know it was his girl at the time) then after they leave he exclaims aren't they such a good couple and then makes various other remarks to drill it in my head that I know that they are together.

-Once we were looking at a magazine and I said I like this guys shirt and he teased me for liking the guy so I messed around and said he was handsome and my type and he got mad and super quiet.

I can't tell if this is jealousy or if he actually thinks I like these people.

Whats weird is that I get strong jealousy/he's attracted to me vibes but he talks about his wife in a positive light. I kind of want to confront him but I also don't want an awkward work environment. What do you guys think? Sorry If I sound naive I have no relationship experience.
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Body Language
I've been reading up on body language and these are some of the things I see him doing
-mirroring me
-getting into my personal space always leaning in
-staring at me when he thinks I'm not looking (some times he stares at my mouth when I'm talking)
-always touching me my arm, hand, and upper back

Other random things
makes sexual jokes
he gets mad when I call him bro
When I call him out for doing certain things only to me he immediately starts doing it to other people
he pretends
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It seems that some of you guys skipped over the first part of this question where I clearly stated that no I do not want a relationship with this man or any man that is in a relationship.
Why is he jealous he's married? Am I delusional or does he like me?
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