Why do guys get weird when I tell them I’m a virgin?

So every single time when a guy has asked me if I’m a virgin and I say no and ask if he is and he says yes, they start to go quiet and just stare at me or something and just act really awkward. it’s like i have no clue what’s going on in their mind and I want to ask what they think of that but i never do to avoid being weird.
This just happened today when i was on facetime with a guy who’s almost impossible 19 (i’m almost 18), and he just stared at me and i jokingly said “you’re probably judging me right now haha” and he said “no not at all, no judgement “.. blah blah.
But i feel like of course he feels he has to say that and his face when i first told him seemed to tell a different story. I feel super uncomfortable now and like it would be completely awkward to lose it especially with him as i seem so innocent now.
So i wonder what do guys actually think or judge about a girl when we tell them we’re a virgin and is it negative or positive because it didn’t feel positive to me.
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I meant *I’m almost 18**
Why do guys get weird when I tell them I’m a virgin?
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