Guys, Why did my guy friend block my number?

So this guy friend told me from the beginning he is single and "not ready for a relationship". Unfortunately, over time, I did develop feelings for him. Over the summer he tried to sleep with me, but I shut it down knowing that he wasn't into a relationship and had admitted interest in other women. Did I lead him on? Maybe a little, but it was all texting that became flirty and I decided not to pursue it. He said over text that he did have feelings for me, but I assumed it's because he wanted to sleep with me. Fast forward to a few weeks later, we were arguing about current events,... so he blocked and then unblocked my number. After unblocking my number we kept in touch, and he mentioned he was working out a lot and taking care of himself. This got me interested in him a little so I asked about his love life. He replies "silly goose", and then when I question him about it further, he goes on to talk about this younger women he's been hooking up with and even sends me a picture. I made a comment that she wears "too much make up". Immature, I know, and he goes on how she's hot, blah blah. Now I'm a little annoyed and tell him "you're the worst. take care" . I feel bad that I overreacted and text him, but to my dismay, I am blocked,.. yet again. Any hope for this guy or should I give up and move on?
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Any and all suggestions welcome
Guys, Why did my guy friend block my number?
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