Do shy guys reject like this or is he uninterested?

So I just met an incredibly cute shy guy (it makes me wonder how on earth he can be shy.) For a while it was just him, two other girls and me. The whole time he would completely avoid me/us.

He would sit all the way across the room (its massive) and refuse to inch closer. When offered a seat next to me he declined wordlessly. When he did get closer his whole body was turned away from me at one point as he focused on the girl furthest away (he knows her well), even though his chair faced me.

I ignored him and continued to speak to the girls until he felt comfortable enough to add something to the convo. I perked up and spoke to him a bit - which shocked one of the girls and she claimed it was a bonding moment.

So here is my question to all you shy guys out there! Am I really awful that this guy completely avoids me? Its my first time meeting him so why the body language?

When his male friends came over I could have sworn he kept looking over at me but by then I was also surrounded by hot girls. :D
Do shy guys reject like this or is he uninterested?
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