Should I text the guy to confirm the date?

Long story short, I met this guy via online app. He lives now in my country and I am living in his. We met when he came to visit his friends and kissed all night. We have kept in touch for two months mostly sexting as none of us wants anything serious although we never talked about it. He texted me after few days of silence to let me know he is coming again this Sunday and wants to meet up. I accepted and we said to keep in touch. Two days after he texts me again to remind me he is coming and this time set the date for Sunday (although I asked if another day is most suitable since he will just arrive and might be tired he insisted Sunday night). We have not confirmed the time yet but I was the one sending the last message which he read and didn't respond. When I first ask him what his plans were, he said "to meet with you". Now I am confused since he hasn't responded nor confirmed the time and our date is supposedly in two days, I don't feel like reaching out cause I might seem over excited eager or pushy since he said explicitly he wants to meet. Since he texted to let me know he is coming, shouldn't he reach out to confirm the time? Shall I wait for Sunday? I am afraid he will be at the airport all day so I really don't want to pressure him.
Should I text the guy to confirm the date?
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