Is it really unintentional to show your dick during a video call?

I was on a video call with a guy friend whom I have known for more than a year. He was interested in me but I didn't feel the same way. We flirt a little but he gets the point that we are not progressing further than that.

As we were chatting, he switched the front camera to the back camera. He was lying on his bed, So instead of looking at his face I had a view of his lower body (with pants on). I didn't think much of it as we were on a topic about a project.

But his hands started cupping his privates through the pants. Again I didn't comment on that as it was a norm for guys to do that (itchy balls maybe). Then the pants hitched up and I noticed the hair. At that point I don't know how to tell him so I shifted my gaze away and pretended to do write notes. When I looked back at the screen his penis was at plain sight.

I was a little flustered and told him that i could see his thing. He apologized and said that it wasn't intentional and that he didn't realized he swapped the cameras. Then he told me that I should have pretended not to see it.

So it is really unintentional? If so why do guys 'take it out' ?
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Did I give him the wrong signal/idea for him to make a move like that? Or do guys just do that because they feel like it?
Is it really unintentional to show your dick during a video call?
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