I caught my boyfriend in bed with someone else?

Today I went to my boyfriend’s house because I haven’t heard from him since 3pm yesterday when he dropped me off home. He told me he was going to see his daughter who lives 2hrs away (which is normal on the weekends) we share locations with each other also. So a couple of hrs passed and I haven’t heard anything from him normally he’ll say baba I’m here to let me know he’s safe. Well I haven’t heard anything since then so this morning I called his phone & it kept going to voicemail. So I decided to go to his house and ask his mom (who stays with him since COVID) she opens the door for me and greets me happily as always. So I asked her have she heard from him and she panic and said what’s wrong, so I told her I’ve been trying to get in touch with him
& how he isn’t answering so well let’s see if he’s here. She yelled his name 3x, & no response I noticed the key on the couch & I started to walk up the steps the tv is as loud as can be when I walked in his room he was laying in bed with a girl (he told me NOT to worry about) I snatched them covers off of them and said “really this what we doing”? I left out the room and slammed the door. As I was walking out his mom stopped me and asked was he there and I said yes in bed with another woman, he held her chest and tried to call for as I was walking out of the front door. I stopped sharing my location with him but he’s still sharing his & when I just looked it shows he’s now driving to see his daughter. Im all cried out, I’m hurt, I feel disrespected, and I just don’t know how to process things, prior to this happening he cooked me a nice dinner, we took a long walk, he brought me flowers, he tells me that he’s in love with me and never loved someone the way he loves me. His mom always asks him in front of me when is he going to marry me, and he always says soon. He met my parents, grandmother sister, & my niece is like why would he do this to me? Why not just break up
I caught my boyfriend in bed with someone else?
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