How do I get this guy to commit?

Alright so I was hooking up with this guy who Is a year older than me in college. He was taking me on dates and spending all his time with me and refused to let me leave. We really liked each other. Then Friday night he says to me "I really like you but I don't want a girlfriend in college" and I was like "no its fine lets just see where it goes". So then the next day I walk into a party and he is sitting in the corner making out some ugly girl in front of me. So I go over and say hi and he stands up, proceeds to start trying to make out with me repeating to me "I like you I just don't want a girlfriend and I think we rushed things too much" (HE rushed things) and I'm like trying to keep my chill "its fine its fine" but inside im obviously furious and upset. Then he's like making out with me saying "lets just do our own thing tonight"... and I was like absolutely not im leaving... then on my way out his friends come up to me and are like "stop being crazy let him get with other people"... which was so mean because it wasn't true.

So then the next day he texted me like "I'm sorry that was confusing I just want to be upfront and not let you down". Like why did he take me on all these dates then... a**hole. So im not even opening his snapchats and he even swiped up on one of my stories to try to get my attention. Its Wednesday and he still hasn't texted so if he really wanted my attention wouldn't he have texted me? Do I drop this guy. Because like I've caught feelings so I either want him to commit or im gonna leave. Is it best just to play hard to get and not give him what he wants... or just leave. Are games even worth it? Is he going to change his mind.
How do I get this guy to commit?
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