My crush's friends act weird around me?

does it mean anything if my crush's best friend stares at me a lot and is super nice to me? i thought they might have been signs that he liked me but he started dating a girl shortly after and he didn't really give me any more signs except for staring at me blankly when he saw me around the school and bombarding me with questions about myself. i actually noticed something similar with our mutual friend (my close classmate and my crush's other best friend), who kept mentioning how my crush liked someone and asking me my opinions on him. my crush, however, seems to be pretty shy/nervous around me. at first i thought i was making him uncomfortable since i'm super socially awkward and shy myself but he never really showed any signs of discomfort, he even hugged me once and let me wear his glasses a couple of times, even though he was still a bit nervous around me. this happened months ago and i'm pretty positive that if he ever did like me he probably doesn't anymore at this point but yea, i'm curious about what you guys think
My crush's friends act weird around me?
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