My crush's friends are acting strange?

So I was in math class one day. I was talking to my two closest friends, my back to my crushes group of friends. All of a sudden I hear "Hey Chelsea" very suspiciously from one of his friends. I talk to that guy, but NEVER in that class. Then I say "hey.," back and notice they are all staring at me except my crush. Then when I was about to turn away his other friend jumps in with a "so how are you?" Again, this guy also talks to me but NEVER in this class. His other friends dont talk to me and are staring and smiling suspiciously. I say "umm Im pretty good? Haha" and then when I am about to turn I hear "OOH OOH YO TREVOR SAYS HI, TREVOR SAYS HI TOO" from them and they are smiling. Then I hear my crush, Trevor say "you guys are all savages" and his face is a git red.

Days later the guy who said hi to me in the first place tags Trevor in my picture from 5 weeks ago. I guess he was stalking my twitter because I haven't posted in a while and he favorited that picture 5 weeks ago. I tag him and say "?" And he doesn't reply. Then I inbox him asking why he tagged Trevor. He read the messages I sent him but never replied to them and it has been 3 days.

What is happening? Does Trevor like me? Do his friends know I like Trevor and theyre making fun of me? Are they making fun of Trevor because I like him and he feels awkward because he doesn't feel the same?
They are embarassing him because he likes you
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They are embarassing him because they know you like him and he feels awkward because he doesn't feel the same
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Update: the guy who tagged Trevor never even liked my photo so for some reason he was stalking the instagram
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Update: I looked at my crush's friend who tagged him in my photo today. He then said, "omj some person inboxed me asking why I tagged someone in their photo" very jokingly and smiled (I sent that message.) He then said, "one of my friends tagged me in someones insta before" becaude he was ttyig to make me feel uncomfortable. Then he calls Trevor and walks over and says somehing about me and he pretends not to hear anyhing since it is awkward. His other friend said "oooh Jaden is trash talking"
My crush's friends are acting strange?
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