Why my boyfriend defends another girl who has a crush in him?

Other girl & I meet my boyfriend now at the same time at church. I rejected him at first before then he went to her. Both had an interest to each other in the beginning but he decided to become just friends with her. The whole year she won't take no for an answer, she kept flirting with him and did everything to get his attention. He didn't like it so he had to stop hanging out with her alone. Both still see each other at church, thats it. A year later, he ask me out again and I accept it. Now everytime I see that girl she only ask me about my boyfriend now then ignores me but when he's with me she acts like as if we're friends in front of him. I also noticed that he's acting strange everytime we see her like he's suddenly shy to talk to her, it made me think what if he still likes her so I ask him if he does. He said no... I even shared how she's treating me but he was defending her. We had a long chat. I was at the point of breaking up then he made a good point that he had a lot of chances to be with her last year but he didn't want too. He reassured me and made it clear that he wants this relationship. I keep getting mixed messages from him. He shows his interests in me and he's doing his best to make me feel happy & thats what made me stay with him. The other days, its like he doesn't want me around. He still acting strange everytime he sees her. My friend thinks he just likes the attention from her or he's keeping her in case I rejected him again like what I did last year.
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If your in my shoes, what would you do?
Why my boyfriend defends another girl who has a crush in him?
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