What does it mean when a close guy friend unfriends?

Me and this guy I considered to be a close friend of mine got into a really stupid argument. We left eachother a lone for a while, then I messaged him asking that we should talk about it and try sorting it out and he kept insisting that he didn’t wanna talk about it and try to “move on” when he was clearly still hurt by it. Mind you this was the first argument we ever had and it was minor, I even tried to reach out to him and talk it out but he just kept trying to avoid it then just ignored me.

I let him be and now he just unfriended me which is very surprising. I’m still kind of hurt.

Does it mean he doesn’t care about me anymore? like we used to talk to eachother a lot and spend so much time now he’s just avoiding me. I wonder where did I go wrong

Guys, what does it mean when a close guy friend does this? Why?
1 y
I really don’t know. I’ve mentioned pretty much everything. Like me and him were very close, we played games everytime and we have a lot of inside jokes. Also sometimes we send eachother lesbian stuff (he's into lesbians and I’m bisexual lol) and I have a girlfriend, so It was all chill. Nowadays I don’t see him online that much and I deactivated my account because I was fed up with everything, I don’t think he cares about me anymore :/
1 y
Oops wrong message lol
What does it mean when a close guy friend unfriends?
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