My friends with benefits bought me a gift. What does it mean?

So my friends with benefits of almost 3 years always promised me he would get me something for my birthday like clothes a dress, maybe a nice crop top as a gift for my birthday. I always told him that we are not dating you don't have to buy me stuff like this and he would say he is still going to get it whether I say no. So today was the day he bought the gift. He even texted me asking me what my size was and he said if you don't like it you can change it too. I asked him to let me see but he didn't wanna lol I don't know I feel so freaking weird as to why he wants to do something like this. And he asked me :'What do you crave when you on your period?' so I said :'Mostly sweet stuff' and he asked what's my favourite chocolate. What does this mean? We not dating but he told me he wanna show me that he is supportive to and it's not just about sex. I'm stunned, I'm shocked, excited, I feel a bit nervous to see him again if we ever have an encounter again. I'm nervous for it., What does it mean?
Does he wanna be more than friends?
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Or is he just being supportive? What does all of this even mean?
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My friends with benefits bought me a gift. What does it mean?
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