Why can’t he keep his hands off of me?

So this guy that I’ve known for awhile. We’ve kinda talked before and we’ve had sex a couple of years ago. But this time he is a little different. Last time he was very stand off ish I feel like. He wouldn’t cuddle, he wouldn’t spend the next day with me after sleeping together the night before, just things like that. So we just started talking again and we’ve recently had sex again after a couple of years of not talking. This time he cuddles with me, the next day he wanted me to stay at is place all day and just lay around and be lazy with him (naked) I also noticed he couldn’t keep his hands off of me he kept a rubbing on my body whether it just be my leg or another body part. He wanted to be next to me if I wasn’t laying right up next to him he would say something like I was so far away and the scoot over closer to me. So what is this all about? I mean does he actually like me this time around or is Something different?
Why can’t he keep his hands off of me?
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