When a guy says that he is not the right guy for you?

I don't know how to interpret this. So... guy says I deserve a relationship but we'd never be more than friends due to working together and age difference. I explained to him why I'm open minded (pass history dating someone else near hos age) and that I'm not about the age... I'm attracted to mind and personality.

He says if we slept together, he worries that it would be very confusing for me. Especially after lying together when he recovers and though he'd appreciate everything as friendship, he'd still have to go. Mind you... we have not slept together but sexual frustration and tension is high.

He says if I was his age and we didn't work together, we'd try. Obviously nothing can be done on age... but that's his biggest thing. Which I respect. He told me that he really wants me to get counseling for my past fears and anxiety... which I keep telling him I'm over it. Yet he encourages. The last thing he said to me before he had to get back to work was that, he's "not the right guy for me. Seriously".

I'm shocked to hear that because I never really mentioned anything long term. We still don't know each other well enough to make determinations like that. My only request was that to let us develop naturally if we actually liked each other. His response was that it he honestly didn't think there was a chance. I asked him how it was so easy to just have sex and go. He said that its because he's jaded on relationships. He also said that just because he's alone, doesn't mean he doesn't like to have sex.

I asked him how he felt about me. He said that we are friends. I told him of course we are... but obviously he's attracted to me. He says that he is my friend because I am a nice person.

Obviously this man is a whole lot of F'ed up... I don't know what to think on the situation. Let alone... if I even slightly softened his stance. I'm not pushing for a relationship with him... I just wanted opportunity if it arises and we actually fit together. What should I make of this?
When a guy says that he is not the right guy for you?
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