Does he have a crush on me?

Ok. so there's guy that I met last year in one of my classes. I met him through my friend who used to be his ex-step-sister. Anyways. We become really good "school friends" but we never hung out outside of school. we just texted sometimes. He graduated a year earlier than I did so it was a long time before I saw him again. Then one day I was looking for a job, so I went to our local grocery store and I was surprised to see him bagging groceries, let alone seeing him at all, it had been so long. About a month later, I got the job and have been working there for about 6 months. Ever since I have been working there, we have become really good friends, and we are closer than we were when we went to school together, however, I think I'm starting to like him as more than friends. When I do certain things or talk about the things that I do, he always says some kind of comment like "that's sexy." Or when I'm having a bad day or I'm sick, he'll say something like "You're still beautiful." Sometimes we will just stare into each others eyes and smile until one of us looks the other way. We are always laughing when we're together but we also talk on more personal levels. He tells me that I'm the only person "at work" that he can actually carry a real convo with and that he doesn't ever have to fake with me. However, I'm smart enough to realize that that's just "at work" and not including outside of work. My coworkers are always telling me that they think he likes me but I don't want to believe something that might not be true. I tell them that we are just good friends and that we will never be more than that, little do they know, I want him more than anyone I've ever wanted. Even though we flirt all the time and we always have fun together, I get this feeling as though I'm not the only girl he flirts with. Don't get me wrong, there are other guys that I flirt with too, but I don't have have a boyfriend. He has a girlfriend. Did I forget to mention that. OOps! He rarely talks about his girlfriend, but when he does, he only talks about the arguement they got into the night before or how she wouldn't let him go out with his friends even though he invited her to come along. Like a good friend would do, I ask him why he doesn't ever have anything nice to say about her. All he ever says is "I wish I could say nice things about her, but I can't think of anything." And when I ask him why he's dating her if he can't thing of anything good about her, he just say "I don't know." I kinda feel like he's just in this relationship for no reason at all. Sometimes I selfishly wish they would break up but at the same time I want him to be as happy as possible, and if that means working things out with his current girlfriend, then so be it.

Are we strictly best friends or do you think that our friendship has the potential to go beyond that someday?
Does he have a crush on me?
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