Are all polish men extremely chivalrous?

At my work we have a couple polish guys working there. They are all extremely kind , hard working , respectful, funny and polite especially towards women. They are genuinely great guys.

I'm very shocked because most British guys aren't like this. I'm not saying they all rude and not gentleman but that kind of behaviour is kind of seen as out dated to them and most British young man see girls as equals and will treat them like they'd treat their own gender. Most won't go to extreme level of chivalry and if they do they are usually a "nice guy" if you get me.

There's one guy call Yanis (hopefully I've spelt that correctly) he's very shy , probably in his mid 30s, he really takes care of his body and is always smiling at me and laughing at my jokes yet he never talks to me and he always opens doors for me and he won't see struggle. If I'm having difficulty doing something he comes right in to save me. I must admit it's a nice change from most average British guys but I have a boyfriend who I love very much and no attractions to Yanis at all.

A few other polish men at my work who I know to be married are also like this. They will speak extremely polite and respectful and will do anything to make a woman's life easier.

Honestly lady's if your looking for a man go polish. They are like Knights
Are all polish men extremely chivalrous?
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