How to deal with Dating Busy Musician Boyfriend? Choosing Between Love Life or Career?

Hi guys, I'm dating a dude right now who's an aspiring musician. He's great & i love him but the relationship seems to be all about his stuff. He takes the time to check in on me, but every conversation turns to his stuff, his recordings, all about his things/career. We never talk about anything else.

I get it, he's trying to be famous etc & I DO support him best I can! However, when I come over, music stuff is all he does, & I just watch him do his stuff. He's so fixated on it we do nothing else. I'll try to ask him about his day, etc, but he is so distracted he's just on the computer. He'll invite me over, then get distracted & start working on a bunch of music shit for his studio for hours. He's very excited to show me his stuff, (& he's great!) but it's all we do.

He will then retreat for days at a time to go work on music stuff. I won't hear from him for days but he comes back w/just his music stuff. I do try to invite him to stuff during the week, but he always prefers to stay in & work. He works so hard. Sometimes he'll go on vacation & I won't see him for weeks @time. I expect him to have missed me, but he comes back & starts excitedly talking about his projects immediately, no hug nothing.

Bc of this, we've gotten less intimate. All we do is his music. I try to reach out & be affectionate but he's just so distracted. Everything he does is literally about his music career. I feel like I've tried but it's honestly getting hard on me.

We've had outings 3 times in 6 months of dating. He doesn't see why I'm now uncomfortable with affection (he stopped showing it bc he's so distracted)

I love him but things are just getting hard. Not sure if I can do this anymore/worth? It's this man's whole career/life! So I'm trying to hold on. How will he find a girl that can support him?

What should I do? We just had a talk about me feeling alone.
How to deal with Dating Busy Musician Boyfriend? Choosing Between Love Life or Career?
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