Listen to my story and provide me some solution?

Story started 4 years ago, when I had just entered my degree life. The guy (who was my primary school senior) and me happened to be in the same college. Considering that we started chatting over whatsapp (only virtual conversations, whatsapp was the new normal then). At the end of my first year degree, he confessed his love over whatsapp chat. I really was not expecting that from him. I didn't had such feelings for him either till that point. I kinda took it silly and kinda warned him that if he tells such things I will tell his parents (which is so childish and yeah I knew that I am not that matured to take on such decision in my late teens). After that we hardly chatted like twice or thrice in a year. But I had started thinking about him and was doing weird things like staring his profile photos, visiting his insta and fb pages etc. And this has become my daily routine and even after 4 years to that conversation I am not able to remove it from my mind. I want to stop thinking about him. Please suggest some solution on how can I do that and focus on other things?
Listen to my story and provide me some solution?
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