Are guys really THAT SIMPLE like y'all say you are?

Before you jump to answer, hear me out. I'm not saying men are better/worse- just curious how simple y'all are. I think men are complex. So many guys say that they want a straight-forward girl. But what I've discovered is men actually like a chase- as long as you aren't playing games, men like some mystery. Don't dish out all you fell about em too soon. They don't want to be PURPOSELY ignored but they tend to put in less effort if they know they caught you and then have you do all the planning/initiating instead of taking turns. And some men go so far extreme to like "hard to get"- I have exes and friends who say they want a girl who plays those games cuz they admit they lose interest if she stops playing too early. This is not all guys, but even guys who say they want a direct girl really don't cuz then she's "too much" or "boring" or both. I once asked a guy out 5 hrs after a first date- apparently that was a turn off... Anyways I thought y'all wanted us to make a move more...

To be CLEAR: not a discussion of men being worse/better or more complex then females. I will block you if you clearly didn't read. I also am not saying women aren't difficult. We are :)
Are guys really THAT SIMPLE like y'all say you are?
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