Girls, Ladies, what is the deal with male coworkers?

Hey ladies,

Ok I'm coming to you because maybe y'all can shed some light on my situation (s). I've been working with my company for quite a while now and my encounter with males is making my ears go up in question in regards to their behavior. A few times I had my male boss offer me a ride to my neighborhood whenever he brought his car, on another instance I had a married man talk to me a wee bit too much, I get stares from some other male coworkers... like Disney eye stares.. you know those big ole, dear in headlights stares. And of recency, two guys from separate companies that I have brought in to do external programs for my youth have oddly enough flat out told me (when we were communicating in text) that they want to go down on me... not to mention an intern that kept asking if we can get touchy-feely when I close my program one evening. Not to mention I had a male customer ask me if we could go outside and make out on my break.

What THE HECK.. is going on? First off... I come to work dressed modestly in business attire. I'm a jokester, the silly nerdy but classy woman in my company. What is the deal? Do all men behave this way in the workplace when they are around women?

One of my girlfriends tells me I should feel flattered. But in a way I don't because I would like a man who wants me for a relationship. Not for whatever quickie fantasy he has in his mind.
I see other women meeting men at work, some end up being their boyfriend and others end up marrying. Why am I stuck with the horn-dogs?
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Very well said! I totally agree with you. We just gotta keep our focus and not entertain these type of guys. Better is on its way to us anyways. From one decent woman to another *high five*
Girls, Ladies, what is the deal with male coworkers?
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