What do I do if I have been living a lie all to be what my crush thinks I am? I am not as impressive as he thinks?

So basically it all began about 1.5 or more years ago when i was new at my job. One day this 38 year old man walked in the room. I couldn't keep my eyes off him. It feels like every time i tell this story beginning, i start crying. I guess i really am in love. Its sad... That i am in love with him and have been for so long. I had to suppress all my feelings and attraction since the beginning since i found out he is not aligned with my morals and values. And I have been suppressing myself for this whole time. It is what it is. Its good obviously that i am doing this but obviously it is also sad for me internally at times. Anyway, so now that I am done crying I can finish the story... One day he said I look like someone who reads books. I did not confirm or deny. I was secretly very flattered. Nobody especially a guy ever gave me such a compliment. Its a compliment where it can mean so much so many different things and yet its so simple and so particular and ugh i can't even describe it. YOU LOOK LIKE YOU LIKE TO READ. I've never gotten such a flattering compliment. Maybe its because he said it, as well.

I really have not read a book for a long time unless you count college books I was forced to read to pass classes.
Ok i know this sounds so dumb but I really let that little comment of his about me reading blow out of propotion. A long time after that I started to identify as a reader and like even would tell people I read books in my free time. I figured I would buy a few so it would not be a lie but I still haven't been READING to the point where you could call me a "reader."

I am actually more of a writer than a reader. Not a book writer but I am a good writer heck I am writing right now. You'll catch me writing SOMETHING before reading a book that's for sure.

but now i told people at work that i read. And i feel like horrible because i identify as something im not and i have basically lied or at least misled to others about myself.
What do I do if I have been living a lie all to be what my crush thinks I am? I am not as impressive as he thinks?
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